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  D.T. Gas System "Is a new term in LPG "

DT GAS SYSTEM The General Partnership has been one of the leaders of gas in Poland LPG / CNG market as a parts manufacturer and distributor since 1992. DT GAS SYSTEM is a systems manufacturer for the most complete high-quality gasoline vehicles with LPG / CNG since 2003. DT GAS SYSTEM is a reliable business partner with admissibility.

DT GAS SYSTEM firm is specialized in a large amount of goods and short delivery time, selling. As well as product range offered by the company there is a diversity of study fields.

Such a wide range of continually available products reinforces the company's potential. The company's high-quality office and service personnel, answers to each question of potential customers as possible.

For development of Current LPG / CNG systems and research a new type of  DT GAS SYSTEM,  in dealing with emerging problems, has its own R & D department. R & D department was established to expand and increase the work force, as well as uninterrupted LPG / CNG vehicle systems working on technical developments. Thanks for continuous investments, the big experience and knowledge DT GAS SYSTEM with quality LPG / CNG systems, has become one of the leading manufacturers in Poland .