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  Active Auto Gas Systems

Auto gas conversion systems sector in Türkiye has begun to emerge in the years 1996-97, and in the beginnings being confronted as an economic option by the society,  in recent years interested to contribute the prevention of global warming as well as being economic.

ACTIVE Auto Gas started in 1999 as a dealer in the Aegean Region of auto gas systems leader company in auto gas that produce auto gas conversion systems LOVATO GAS SpA since 1958, the company started its activities, since the beginning of the year 2008 objectives raised by the Türkiye distributor of the same brand again. In 2010, Lovato Autogas has been restructuring in Türkiye and  after this restructuring Active LPG continues to be the distributor of  the Aegean and western Mediterranean region.

Active autogas is a company that continuously monitors customer satisfaction and market demands. DT LPG gas systems is one of the leading gas companies in Poland. At the end of 2011, was the only authorized distributor in Türkiye and continues to invest in the sector.

In 2000, the resulting crisis in the sector pushed our dynamic structure company to make new activities and has resulted with beginning construction industry in the same year. Still in the construction sector is also going well as well as activities in the field of auto gas.

An understanding of  better service to our customers and dealers, we are continuing our dynamic, reputable, reliable and stable stance.